Freelance Embedded Software Engineer

👋 Welcome

You just arrived on a technical page introducing my projects and the way I work.

If you are not so technical, check out my website.

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⚓️ My passion

My passion resides in problem-solving using the technologies around.

I am a freelancer because I want to know more about things around us, either through customers projects or during my personal time.

You'll find at the end of this page several side-projects or skills I have been working on.

🦄 You are building a product

Let's discover how we can work together.

Understanding your product

Before we start, I need to understand your needs and the product you are working on.

Some of the questions I could ask.

<aside> 🤓 When developing a product with the user in mind, it's important to gather data about how the product is being used. To that end, I feel like it's important to add metrics into the product itself. It will also improve maintenance by catching bugs before the user notices them. Let's talk about that subject together later... 😉


My understanding of the project will be made available using my own words through the channel you want (e-mail, Notion page, Google Doc, etc). Comments are much appreciated if you feel I didn't grasp your needs well enough.

Quotation and planning

Once I feel that the project has been understood, I will work on a quotation which will mainly include the deliverables, the schedule and the price for each deliverable.

Deliverables will be handed step by step and must be paid once finished, following our agreement over the quotation.